Transform Your Bed Instantly with a Coverlet

The bed of your dreams? We’ve got you covered. Add some texture, color and style to your bed with a lightweight E. Braun coverlet that will give your bedroom a whole new look just in time for summer. For warm sleepers, coverlets are a blessing because they replace a blanket during hot weather, but that’s not all. A great coverlet is perfect for everyone all year long: Layer it between your sheet and the duvet for an extra bit of warmth on a cool night, or drape a coverlet on the foot of your bed to provide an eye-catching decorative pop.


LONDRES is retro geometric lightweight quilted coverlet with matching shams.


Coverlets are always a great way to transform your bedroom décor. Style tip: Pair your coverlet with an oversize pillow, or an assortment of throw pillows, for a fresh, modern look. Another option: Look for a colorful coverlet to overhaul the whole tone of your room without painting! Choose colors and patterns that work best for you and your room—a new coverlet provides low-key redecorating any time! The options are almost endless.

Fil Coupe

FIL COUPE, a quilted coverlet made of lightweight Italian linen.


CAROL, embroidered quiltino with a double row of trefoil loops with an overall grid pattern


VISCAYA, an elongated basket weave patterned lightweight quilted coverlet

ARGO is a lightweight quilted cotton sateen coverlet featuring a labyrinth of squares. 


E. Braun offers a great selection of coverlet styles like Carol, Londres, Viscaya, Fil Coupe and Argo. They’re easy to clean and maintain, as well as wrinkle-resistant, so your bed will maintain its freshly made look longer!

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