A Perfect Table Says “Welcome Back”

There’s no better time than now to sit down at a beautiful table—especially with the people we love the most. After a challenging year, we at E. Braun are so happy to see light at the end of the tunnel, including the return of celebratory gatherings. Spring is here and, along with warmer weather and blooming flowers, it brings a welcome new ray of hope.

It all inspires us to set the perfect table! E. Braun’s gorgeous selection of formal placemats and matching napkins offers elegance and style all at once. These new designs have a classic yet fresh look, bringing wonderful life to your table with interesting shapes that captivate the eye (and possibly even stimulate the appetite!). The crisp, beautiful white is adorned with select embroidery colors, or you can custom-order thread colors so you can create your own style—such as matching the color of your dishes, if you wish.

If you are planning a nice brunch, lunch or dinner with a loved one you haven’t seen in a while—or even with those you see every day—a lovely table makes a winning statement: Welcome back.