Wrap Yourself in Luxury

A sumptuous, soft towel… the perfect ending to a relaxing, rejuvenating bath. Imagine wrapping yourself inside the finest Egyptian terrycloth — available at E. Braun & Co. in a wide range of spectacular colors. Dream no more… that experience is here, waiting for you, along with a gorgeous array of fine towels and linens for the bath. Our imported terrycloth towels are among the best in the world. Sold for over 60 years, the VIGORUB towel is our exclusive design, providing the ultimate in bath-linen luxury: produced at one of the finest Italian mills using superior Egyptian cotton, it embodies comfort and beauty all in one.

Whether you favor the vintage charm of antique fixtures or prefer the high-tech modernity of Milan, the perfect pampering touch is always going to be your luxuriously inviting bath linens. And they can be styled to match your every vision.

E. Braun & Co. gives you access to the widest range of custom embellishments, and we can match colors to your paints, wall coverings, or virtually any other feature of your home's décor. We also make original designs and strike-off samples available to our customers.

When you step out of the bath or shower… step into the plush comfort of E. Braun & Co. bath linens.