Introducing new bedding from Portugal: Celso de Lemos

E. Braun & Co. is delighted to introduce you to a new luxury bedding collection: Celso de Lemos. So exquisitely designed and perfectly coordinated, the bedding is created entirely by Abyss & Habidecor in central Portugal.



The beautiful background of Portugal, with its lush greenery and serene landscape, helps inspire the supreme luxury of the Celso de Lemos bedding. Above left: Members of the de Lemos family at Abyss & Habidecor.

With attention to detail that can only be called a couture approach, Celso de Lemos yarn is sourced directly from Egypt, and all textiles are woven in-house, from 600-thread-count sateens and percales for sheets to the intricately patterned bed coverlets.


The CERISIER bed features the complimentary YELLOWSTONE bed coverlet, which features graded shades of golden hues. Keeping the focus on the top of the bed, the BOURDON sheets are simple yet exceptionally soft sateen, with contrasting color embroidery for detail.

From October through December, three styles from this luxury bedding collection will be displayed at E. Braun’s New York showroom, with one being spotlighted each month. The rotating bed display will first showcase the CERISIER bed shown above, which features a delightful pattern of cherry blossoms woven into the bed cover. The coverlet reverses, allowing the pattern to be shown on both sides. In November, we will display the CORAIL bed, followed by MUNDO in December.

You are cordially invited to experience this special bedding for yourself by visiting E. Braun at 484 Park Avenue in New York City. Come see how the luxury of Celso de Lemos can become a welcome addition to your own bedroom.