A Legendary Towel

A legendary towel almost 100 years in the making! Vigorub was developed in 1926 by Mosse Linens, a fine linen store that catered to the New York carriage trade. Mosse Linens would eventually come under the umbrella of E. Braun & Co. and the ownership of Mrs. Oser, the daughter of its founder and her son Gus.



Originally woven in the United States, then Belgium, and to this day in Italy, Vigorub became a proprietary towel for E. Braun. Newspaper ads of the 1950’s touted the crosswise design and special absorbent construction that made it unusually invigorating. Thus, the name!

Vigorub Vigorub


Its classic design is as relevant today as it was in the 1920’s with a unique texture that dries quickly and is wonderfully plush. Vigorub has long been a favorite towel of our distinguished clientele, architects and designers, celebrities, and even royalty. We invite you to join the legion of its fans and to experience this legendary towel for yourself.


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